News: FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE Australian & New Zealand Tour kicks off this week


Australian & New Zealand Tour kicks off this week.

The Italian masters of dark musical extremity, FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE, will make their long awaited return to Australia & New Zealand this week, kicking off in Auckland before heading to Australian shores.

Since forming a decade ago in 2007, FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE have grabbed the metal world by the throat and not let go. Releasing four albums, relentlessly touring the globe, and amassing a legion of loyal followers.  Their most recent album KING (2016) is being hailed as one of the essential metal albums of the last decade.

Combining the extremity of Death and Black Metal with bombastic, powerful and challenging orchestral arrangements FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE take the listener on a dark journey of epic proportions. Drawing on diverse musical inspirations from film score composers such as John Williams, Hans Zimmer, and Howard Shore through to the melodic death metal of Carcass and At The Gates and the savagery of Morbid Angel, the band have crafted a sound that is powerful, impressive, and unique. There are no limitations on Fleshgod Apocalypse’s creative ambitions as they continue to blur the lines between classical refinement and metallic intensity.

Frontman/guitarist Tommaso Riccardi comments, “The new album [King] is much more than the sum of its parts…I think we reached the perfect balance between all the aspects of our music. I really believe that we simply wrote our best songs so far. Every riff is mind-blowing and the way we managed the arrangements and song structures is great; I really feel that everything is in the right place.”

Meticulous song writers, all five band members challenge themselves with each release. It took a full nine months to complete songwriting and arrangements for King and the results are there to be heard. Sonic perfection in devastating form.
The Fleshgod Apocalypse catalogue is a synthesis of music and mentality improving and refining on what came before. Each new release cut from the cloth of the old, only better, more mature and more exciting.

Conceptually, King focuses on the stories of a collapsing world, an old world slowing coming to an end, Riccardi informs. “The king himself is, in a way, the only positive character of the whole story. He represents justice, integrity, and wisdom that are slowly being corroded by ignorance and mediocrity spreading everywhere. We thought this could be a perfect way to describe our indignation about the unrestrainable downfall of our own society in an era that looks more like the Middle Ages rather than the 21st Century. Obviously, in this story there is a positive message: that the king could be inside every one of us. It’s up to us to recognize the King and find the courage to stand for what we believe in. We should all hail the king we have inside!

In the live arena FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE are unparalleled. Powerful, immense and grandiose. This is not your typical metal show, it’s an immersion into a fantastical world of symphonic wonderment, total heaviness and intriguing beauty. It quite simply must be witnessed to be believed!

Get your lazy eyeballs to a show this week and check out these monsters of metal. It promises to be one hell of a show.

Tuesday, May 30: Kings Arms, Auckland
Wednesday, May 31: Valhalla, Wellington
Thursday, June 1: Crowbar, Brisbane
Friday, June 2: Oxford Arts Factory, Sydney
Saturday, June 3: Max Watts, Melbourne

Tickets are now on sale now and include general admission, and deluxe ticket bundle packages. 

Official Event Link

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