New: YOKO-ZUNA New Single ‘Yes ft. Heavy & LarzRanda’


pict2Electronic/hip-hop act Yoko-Zuna formed out of the ashes of one of Auckland’s most musically-creative hubs, thanks to their epics live shows and consistently strong releases, in two short years they have established themselves as one of the most talked about acts to come out of Aotearoa.

Their masterful combination of electronic and hip-hop compositions have attracted some of NZ’s most noteworthy vocalists in P-Digsss, Laughton Kora and Tom Scott, along with the fresh talents of Lukan Raisey, Heavy and LarzRanda, to lend their voices to tracks on their latest EP Luminols.

Premiered via Noisey, the new music video for their track ‘Yes’, which features hypnotic bass and keys combining with verses from Heavy and LarzRanda, directed by Yoko-Zuna drummer Swap Gomez, the video continues on from the events in the video for previous single One’s Cycle, and is part of a shared video universe which Yoko-Zuna are creating that will eventually culminate in a series of 10-minute short films.

The video was shot in a furious 48 hour window, pulling favours with friends and family, and even telling a dairy owner they were filming a Bollywood action film to get permission.   ‘Yes’ shows a conservative 1950’s family faced with the onslaught of Randa and his entourage including a WBA Boxing Champion.

Wrap your eyes around it here:

Yoko-Zuna are currently working on their second album, due for release late 2017.

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