News: Birdhouse announce tour and drop new single ‘ The Garden’


Heart-warming, ratbag quartet Birdhouse have announced their sophomore EP ‘I’ve Got Something to Tell You’ will be release on Friday, June 23.
To give you a taste of what is to come from “I’ve Got Something To Tell You” the boys from Birdhouse have released a shortened version of their eight minute epic The Garden! To celebrate the release of ‘I’ve Got Something To Tell You’ and The Garden the Melbourne group will be setting out across Australia on a 10 date tour including dates in Tasmania, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

Birdhouse‘s sophomore EP ‘I’ve Got Something to Tell You’ has been a moment to experiment and its clear to see with singles Sweet and Time Traveler kicking goals in juxtaposed genres.

“For our second EP; we tried to move from the fairly safe realm and record some of our more varied songs. I mean, the EP version of The Garden is almost eight minutes!” said guitarist, Nick Tamaikis with a laugh.

New single The Garden opens as a crooning reflection of the minuscule details in life, the track tackles a journeyed change by its climax; smashing out a final minute that would have Silent Alarm-era Russell Lissack flinging his fringe!  “For this song we really wanted to take a risk. We were bored of the generic structure you hear in most songs.

The extended version goes for around eight minutes, with three distinct sections all linking into each other,” said drummer, Jamie O’Sullivan.  “In The Garden we explore harmonies, different tempos and a different emotion through each section, ending with that inspiring outro,” continued O’Sullivan. Lyrically, The Garden is an amalgamation of the lost feelings you feel through life; the feeling to run, or to hide, the feeling of love and especially the feeling of being lost. “The Garden is about lots of things for me.

On one hand, the lyrics talk about a lonely character convincing themselves that they’re better off alone. More broadly, its about confusion and unexpressed states of consciousness yearning for something more,” said vocalist, Danny Smith. You’ll be able to hear what Birdhouse has to tell you on their massive tour spanning dates in Tasmania, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland through June to early August.

Saturday, June 10 The Workers Club, Melbourne, VIC Friday

June 23 The Gunners Arm, Launceston, TAS Saturday,

June 24 Republica, Hobart, TAS Saturday

June 24 Republica, Hobart, TAS Friday

June 30 Sol Bar, Sunshine Coast, QLD Thursday

July 1 Rics Bar, Brisbane, QLD Friday,

July 2 Shark Bar, Gold Coast, QLD Thursday,

July 27 Rad Bar, Woollongong, NSW Friday,

July 28 Hotel Steyn, Manly, NSW Supporting Raave Tapes

Thursday, August 10 The Gasometer, Melbourne, VIC

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