News: Ella Fence releases second single ‘Cocaine’ from new EP.


Award winning songwriter Ella Fence’s new single ‘Cocaine’ (official release Friday 7 July, 2017), is the second single from her next EP, a collaboration with APRA award winning songwriter/ producer and multi-instrumentalist: The Audacious Vinnie LaDuce (M.T. Warning, Feeding Fauna, Ash Grunwald, The Winnie Coopers).

Together, they have created a unique mix of bad-ass cinematic-electro-pop and powerhouse vocals.   “This is not a song about drugs. This is not a song about love. This is a song about conflict; internal and external. Experience overshadowed with judgment, with heartbreak, with venom”, tells Ella.   “Releasing this song is a promise to myself to feel free, be present, let go; to just be”.
The first single from the upcoming EP, ‘Dancer’ (released April 2017), was well received by audiences Australia wide during Ella’s secret Motel Tour. The Motel Tour was like no other; fans had exclusive access to unreleased tracks from the EP and experienced the new Ella Fence live show, intimately performed inside Motel Rooms in secret locations.
The  set up was a three-piece all-female band of multi-instrumentalists, who played everything from guitars, to synthesizer to vocals; Ella at the forefront, accompanied by Lily Budiasa (Th’ Fika) and Aquila Young.

The trio took over the Motel Rooms, leaning the beds against the walls, moving out the furniture; turning each room into a live music venue – with champagne, a stage, a full PA sound system, lighting and of course a dance floor.

Ella’s artistic intention behind the Motel Tour, was to offer her fans a very unique experience that gave insight into the life of a travelling artist – a life which can often be very random and transient, but also lots of fun, inspiring and full of surprises.    “The Sydney show got shut down by the Motel management straight after we finished our set – perfect timing! Ha! It was pretty thrilling because they had no idea what we were doing until they opened the door”, tells Ella.
The upcoming 6 track EP features songs that explore lust, broken promises, indulgence, flamboyance and desire. This shift in style for Ella is shown through incorporating the bold sounds of synthesisers and programmed beats that move the body as much as the lyrics spark the mind. It’s a passionate, raw take on her experiences as a strong uncompromising artist, navigating her way through a world where it seems that everyone has a hidden agenda.

Following the success of her debut EP WANDERLUST, 2016 saw Ella hone her stagecraft as lead character Snow White in a dark-twisted collaboration between Opera Queensland, La Boite Theatre Company and Brisbane Festival. Throughout this time, Ella was awarded Song of the Year’ and ‘Video of the Yearfor her track Unknown Water at the Gold Coast Music Awards and was also a finalist for ‘Artist of the Year’ in both 2016 and 2017.

Overseas Ella Fence has performed a plethora of shows that saw her reaching even new heights, including USA, Germany (Berlin), France, England, Canada; and hitting up some impressive festival stages such as The Great Escape Festival and Canadian Music Week, wowing both fans and critics alike.

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