Review: Figures ‘ Chronos’ EP


A band formed in 2013, Figures bring together some of the best elements of early-2000s alternative metal, and adds a prog-rock twist, for its second EP Chronos.

Opening track ‘Recoil’ features a huge bass sound from Jen Fletcher akin to Korn and Superheist, mixed with the more contemporary sound of Gojira and anguished screams from Figures vocalist Mark Tronson, sounding like Richard Patrick of Filter.
It’s a killer track, seemingly a commentary on human mortality – “All my life I’ve sensed the grave as time beats away/I’ll stand by knowing full well that my actions are futile.”

Figures is at its catchy best with ‘Alpha’, which boasts an irresistible Incubus-style groove and matching vocals, with Tronson’s piercing screams thrown in for added colour.

The three other songs on Chronos really showcase Tronson’s considerable vocal abilities.

‘Tied Around’ kicks off with disarming discordant guitar which devolves into moody, Butterfly Effect territory with deliciously dark and understated guitar work from Paul Callow and Simon Edgell.
Subtle guitar dynamics sit alongside loud riffs on ‘Point of Doubt’, sounding like a Tool-Karnivool hybrid. Although the song slightly outstays its welcome, drummer Josh Sforzin’s playing is a highlight.

Following four tracks full of huge hooks, the keyboard-driven ‘Crying Door’ rounds out the EP. Given the tunes that precedes it, ‘Crying Door’ is surprisingly slight, sans guitar – a triumph of sublime vocals married with minimalist instrumentation.
It’s a great way for this damn fine release to wind down. With Chronos the band’s most important ‘figures’ – the number of people in its fan base – should deservedly rise.

Words by Lee Oliver

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