Album Review: Saturday Night and Sunday Morning- Michael Meeking & The Lost Souls

michal cd cover


Michael Meeking & The Lost Souls
Saturday Night and Sunday Morning

Melbourne country band Michael Meeking and the Lost Souls have come out in force with this debut country release, packed with fourteen songs that are the perfect Sunday drive companion, titled Saturday Night Sunday Morning.

After a hiatus in London Michael has reformed the band The Lost Souls (Julien Chick, Dave Klenjans, Cate de Carteret and Maryanne Smart) to bring an album that is pure country and a triumphant return to the recording studio.

The album is divided in two, the first six tracks aptly named Saturday night. Opening with ‘One Sweet Day’ the tracks are skilful song writing covering the blues, love and change. Themes that are well worn but somehow manage to remain fresh. The opening track is a wise choice, its easy listening that is perfect for the introduction of what is to come.
It flows on nicely onto ‘Still Sing the Blues’ a track about love that highlights great story telling through its clear and concise lyrics. It’s got a powerful chorus that evokes memories of lost love and reminiscing. Like blowing off the dusty cobwebs of your heart this song remembers what was once lost and questions if it still remains.
The album has all the right ingredients for a classic country album. It’s easy to listen to, Michael has a great country voice and the guitar hums along nicely on each track making it the perfect recipe for any country fan.
Moving into the Sunday Morning half of the album the tone changes to a little more melancholy with ‘I know you’re going to break my heart’ a reflective song about pain and loss with a great harmonica intro to give it that extra bluesy feel and definitely the stand out track of the record.
‘Me and Lucinda’ gives echoes of early John Mellencamp with its sad lyrics and lamentations of a love that can heal and make the pain go away. It’s sweet and sad all at the same time with just the right blend.
‘Please Don’t Cry for me’  featuring  Alison Ferrier takes a different turn with the tale of a lover apologising for love gone bad. Alison’s voice harmonises perfectly in this track complimenting Michael’s in expert timing and its a sweet tune.
The main themes of love and loss come across beautifully in this debut album, each song is nicely written and elegantly put together. Finishing up with ‘ Break my heart’ a piano reprise Saturday Night Sunday Morning is the kind of album that you put on as you’re driving away from your lovers house on Sunday morning, tears streaming down your face, recalling love lost after a long night.  The perfect heartbreak album for any long drive home.

Words by Amanda Lee Starkey

The album is Out Now.

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