Miss Blanks is the new face of Australian hip hop. With fire rhymes, hot style, a stage presence like no other, and an ass to drop jaws, Miss Blanks is blowing up the scene in a way that’s too much for the mainstream to ignore.

 This week the  Brisbane rapper dropped  the huge new single ‘Freq U’, her first release since signing to Moonbase’s TRENCH Records label. The track was produced by fellow Brisbane musician tomtom and premiered on Rolling Stone Australia, who described the track as showcasing, “impressive, sexually-charged swagger, giving her ear-opening “hot pussy” brags ample room for impact amongst a backing built from a minimalist Neptunes-meets-No-Limit framework.”

“I created ‘Freq U’ with producer, tomtom, as a feel-good track for women who like to go out and have a good time,” says Miss Blanks. “Whether that’s out to the clubs, drinks and a dance with friends, etc. It’s a major screw you to all the guys who get predatory when it comes to their engagement with women in clubs/bars and a major high five to the women who are not phased by their actions and just there to do their own thing.”

“With the production on the track, it was an interesting exploration into how I can cross my unique sound of hip hop/rap and take it more electronic and danceable, but without compromising. The hook brings an interesting soul and r’n’b undertone, which I really value as they’re both genres that influence me heavily as an artist. All in all, ‘Freq U’ is your Saturday night party track and Sunday morning ‘F*ck you!’ track to that sleazy guy that you accidentally gave your number to.”

‘Freq U’ follows on from the explosive single ‘Clap Clap’ that snapped necks and blew minds upon its release in May, and saw the industry clamber to celebrate this new, powerful voice from Brisbane. Industry heavyweights like Complex, i-D/Vice, Pilerats, Purple Sneakers, Acclaim, and NLV Records have all sung her praises – celebrating her confident sexuality and strong message of positivity & femme empowerment as a force to be reckoned with.

That attention has seen her land supports for international stars like Little Simz (UK) and Dai Burger (NY), as well as see her snatched up to play spots on festivals like Vivid, Dark Mofo and Transgenre. Alongside her music, she’s a fashion icon, internet celebrity, activist and lecturer, having given talks in London for TED and in New York at NYU, all the while serving up an unapologetic rawness in all aspects of her career.


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