News : Sons of Rico ‘Cool Change’ EP drops

sons of rico

To say “Sons of Rico are back” will of course invite the question “well, where have they been?” It has indeed been a time between drinks at camp Rico. Since 2013’s sophomore album ‘In Rico Glaciers‘ there have been relocations, line-up changes, and the usual existential crisis or two. But from these adversities has come a glorious new pop laden offering from singer-songwriter Alex MacRae: the aptly titled ‘Cool Change‘ EP

Hand-in-hand with this release is the patently personal title track ‘Cool Change’. Produced by MacRae and engineered by Jon Grace at Studios in the City, the production captures a gentler vocal delivery from MacRae with guitars comparable to Queen’s Brian May and synths straight out of anything by A-Ha. It succinctly represents both the EP as a whole, and the ebb and flow of MacRae’s musical journey over the last two years. It is an admission of failures but simultaneously a recognition of changes to be realised. Whether it’s the literal cool change from Perth to Melbourne, or musical choices that change the Sons of Rico soundscape into something out of an 80s John Hughes film; MacRae expertly explores many facets of the theme.


Hot on the heels of a sold out EP launch, Sons of Rico are headlining The Gasometer Thursday August 31 alongside local heroes Ferla and Gumboot on the eve of what is shaping up to be their busiest Spring and Summer yet.

Do your eyeballs a favour and check out some of their vids here:

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