Interview: Tina Arena

tina arena

Tina Arena is an icon of the Australian music industry and has had one stellar career. She recently wowed audiences at Splendour in the Grass with her amazing surprise performance with Client Liaison looking gorgeous in a gold skirt and military style top, singing her smash hit ‘ Sorrento Moon’ . 

We caught up with her before she heads up to Brisbane as a keynote speaker in this year’s BIGSOUND festival and kicks off  her massive National Tour.

Australia has grown up with your iconic voice, from those of us that are old enough to remember Young Talent Time, what has been the highlight of your amazing career so far? 

I’m fortunate enough to have had a very interesting career and to pin-point one highlight is impossible. Surviving 40 years in the business is a highlight! Others would be: singing in other languages and having success in other languages, opening the Olympics, winning an ARIA for “album of the year”, touring with Symphony Orchestras and getting Order of Merits in France and Australia.

In 2002, you moved to France and had quite a successful career over there. What did you find about the French that differed from Australian audiences and the Australian music industry?

They both have their strengths and also their challenges. One difference is French support their own artists more, the French quotas on French radio are higher than Australians on Australian radio. Both audiences are beautiful though.

What was it that made you finally return home to Australia? 

I’ve been living in Australia on and off for a few years now, and I’ll still continue to spend a lot of the year overseas. Australia is becoming our base now though as my son starts high school soon and I wanted his high school education to be in Australia. Plus I like to spend more time with my parents now.

You recently wowed audiences when you appeared on stage with crowd favourites Client Liaison at Splendour in the Grass.  How did the collaboration come about?

Splendour was such a blast. Client Liaison approached me last year to do vocals on their album. I wasn’t familiar with them then but I did my homework and I loved their sound and their visuals and their sense of humour, so I though “why not” – they sent me a few songs and the one that I thought was the best for us to collaborate on was “A Foreign Affair” so I demo’d it in Melbourne in their fantastic studio in the city and we all liked it so it went on their album. I knew I wanted to perform it with the guys somewhere. They asked me to do Splendour, I’d never been so I decided to do it. It almost didn’t happen though as I was working in Paris right up until a few days before the festival. The great thing about it was it wasn’t contrived, it just happened pretty organically. I’m so glad it did because it was a great experience.

Can we expect any other cool collaborations with Aussie artists soon?

No, no new Australian music projects in the works at the moment. There is lots of great talent here though, I enjoyed working with Moza Beats recently who produced Dannii Minogue’s fab version of Sorrento Moon on my last album.

You’ve been a source of inspiration many Australian women in the music industry. What advice would you give young women entering today’s music industry? 

Thank you that’s very nice to say. Advice, do it for the right reasons… because you like the craft not for the fame, work hard at it, stay true to yourself, have a good team around you, take risks, and have good legal and financial advice.

What advice will you be giving budding musicians as a keynote speaker at Brisbane’s BIGSOUND? 

You’ll need to wait and see.

What inspires you to continue to create and has that changed since you first began music as a teenager? 

I get inspiration from all different things – travel, family, friends, observing – I think it’s always been that way for me.

We’re expecting your tour to be quite a big one, what can fans expect from your show and return to the stage?

A sense of fun and celebration. It’s a pretty contemporary show, good production and lighting, fantastic band, great fashion and all the hits. It’s going to be a fun show, and my last concerts for a while.

What is up next for you once the tour wraps up? Any plans to release another albI have a major project next year which I can’t speak about yet – but I’m very excited about it. No new English music but my French record will be out soon. My first fragrance and candle will be out in Spring (   – it’s been a labour of love and I’ve hand selected all the ingredients from my 3 cultures: Italy, France and Australia, the scent is beautiful, the glass and packaging and rose gold are beautiful, I’m very excited about it. I created it with Bertrand Duchaufour who has worked with Givenchy and Dior.

Thanks for your time and we look forward to the huge stage show that you’re bringing to Australian audiences. 

Thank-you for your time. Lots of love to you and your readers x


Keep an eye out for her Spring release of Tina’s frangrance and candle range at

Tickets to her show are selling fast, so grab yours here

Watch the Triple J footage of Tina’s’ stellar performance at Splendour.






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