Multi-instrumentalist, Anna Farquhar has been traveling throughout Central Queensland for the past 4 years entertaining crowds at various venues, weddings, charity and fundraiser events and private and corporate functions. After 4 years of being a cover artist Anna is ready to take her travels and experiences and turn her passion for music and songwriting into reality with the release of her debut single “Mama (A song for Chris)” and EP Saints and Sinners in 2017. Anna writes from the heart and every song she has written is a true story.

A story of young man with a troubled past, “Mama (A Song for Chris)” is a beautifully strong and emotive song led by acoustic guitar, driving electric guitar and reinforced by Anna’s strong vocals. Concept for the recording was for the listener to feel the same raw emotion as Chris when he shared his story with Anna.

“After having writers blocks for almost a year I found inspiration when I met a street performer named Chris while on holiday in Las Vegas. Chris was performing card tricks to make a living and we had got to talking about how he became a street performer. He told me his story and how he had made a few wrong turns in life and served a few years in prison. He said that the only thing he wants out of life is to make his mum proud,” says Anna on the inspiration of her debut.

“Mama (A Song for Chris)” was recorded in January 2017 at Bel Canto Recording Studio in Rockhampton, Queensland. Co-Produced by Peter Camm and Matthew Evans. Matthew Evans also mixed and mastered the track.

“When recording the song, I wanted the recording to show myself as the artist I am right now. I chose not to have any auto tuning or any computerized sounds in the song. I wanted the song to be as organic as possible; I didn’t want the song to sound “perfect” because that’s not who I am. The bases of ‘Mama (A Song for Chris)’ was recorded in just a few takes and bass, guitar solos and voice were added in later,” says Anna.

For Fans Of: Alanis Morrisette | Mellissa Etheridge | Stevie Nicks | Fleetwood Mac | Meredith Brooks | Missy Higgins 

Upcoming Shows: 
Sat Aug 5th – Gigs and Digs Festival, Emerald QLD
Sat 7th Oct – Blackwater Mine 50th Anniversary, Blackwater QLD
Sat 21st Oct – Supporting Sara Storer, Capella QLD

“Mama (A Song For Chris)” by ANNA FARQUHAR will be released 18th of August 2017.

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