Live Review: James Norbert Ivanji

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James Norbert Ivanji
The Workers Club, August 19

Sydney’s guitar prodigy James Norbert Ivanji hit the stage in Melbourne to wow guitar geeks alike with songs from his new EP Denalavis.

Warming up the crowd for James was Adelaide band Dyssidia who came out thrashing in a flurry of metal. Hardly drawing a breath as vocals range from guttural growls to soaring heights, this bands set is tight and polished. Front man Mitch Brackman takes a hit to the face from the bass guitar early on and with blood pouring down his forehead still manages to professionally work through the set, his energy unwavering.

Taking to the stage with his custom Suhr guitar James defies boundaries with his incredible technical playing ability and mesmerising style. He manages to engage the audience, starting everyone clapping at certain points. To the side of the stage fellow musicians are wowed by his fluid performance, an energy that James seems to enjoy.

For many lovers of music, an evening of playing instrumental can be a challenge to listen to without anything lyrical to sing to. However James has the ability to make the tracks flow with synchronicity and ease. You don’t have to be a guitar geek to enjoy the flawless performance, there is something about the music that is simply put: Enjoyable.

Words by Amanda Lee Starkey
Behind the Lens Amanda Lee Starkey


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