Live Review: Pete Murray

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Pete Murray
Forum, Melbourne
Friday 25 August

There are not that many women in the room that don’t have a crush on the towering man that is Pete Murray. Hearts beat a little faster as he enters the stage on tour to promote what Pete dubs his ‘ Love Making’ album Camacho.

As far as recording artists go, Pete doesn’t release a lot of albums or take to the stage much, but when he does its impressive. There is a good blend of old and new to everyone.

Opening with ‘ Only One’ he progresses through the set with style and professionalism making it look easy. He gives each musician on stage time to shine with solid solos and impressive talent. For the first half Pete gets down to the business of playing. He cheekily begins the intro to ‘ So Beautiful‘ and the crowd cheers him on, before backing away and laughingling telling everyone “Na, too early for that” a big grin spreading across his face ” You don’t want me to play that now, seriously? You guys will all leave…” he jokes before launching into ‘ Bail me out” and a sing a long starts.

For any fan its a great mix of all three albums, and a chance to hear some of the new album live, an album that Pete jokingly says that if you don’t get laid listening to it, there is a twelve month warranty and he’ll personally refund you, as he encourages everyone in the room to kiss the person next to them.

For a moment Pete takes things to a sombre level as he dedicates new some Home to music producer Anthony Lycenko.

This is another new one, the last song on the album and  its called Home and when I wrote this song it was written about a relationship. A few weeks ago, a good friend of mine and an awesome producer of my first album again no one knows about that one, an independent album he produced that for me and he also engineered some of the reefer album. Sadly a few weeks ago he passed away and the more that I have listened to this song I think the lyrics are really appropriate, so um I going to dedicate this song. His name was Anthony Lycenko but we used to call him Chenxy, so this one is for Chenxy. This is called Home. 

Its a beautiful tribute to a man that may have not been known by the main stream public but made an impact on many Australian musicians and his loss sent shockwaves through the music community.

Not staying sombre for too long the mood is quickly lifted with ‘Feeler’  starting up a sing a long again.  Before long Pete pleases the audience by playing popular hit “ Better Days” and this is where the crowd are invited to participate – although its not like anyone needs an invitation, the whole room is singing and swaying. Towards the end of the track Pete has one side of the room singing ‘ Na, na, na, na’  and the rest singing the chorus “ Seen better days/ put my face in my hands/ get down on my knees and pray to God that he sees me through to the end” . 

The sing a long continues through “ So Beautiful” the break out hit that everyone knows the words to. If people still used lighters this would be the perfect moment to raise a lighter in the air and sway along.

As people file out of the building the music still hanging in the air, women’s hearts still pulsating to the sight of the handsome troubadour everyone leaves on a high with smiles wide.

Words by Amanda Lee Starkey
Behind the lens Amanda Lee Starkey


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