CD Review: Black Eyed Susan’s ‘Close Your Eyes and See.’


Here is another beautiful mysterious gift from the Black Eyed Susan’s. There is nothing “same same” about this group who have been crafting Indy Aus. Rock since 1989 – they’re playing with a fresh deck of cards (although we’ve been told that this is the last hand we’re being dealt as the band wont be in a rush to get a new album out in anyone’s lifetime.

They have something to say and the playing and production are superb. Every instrument can be heard while the overall tone of the album is dreamlike and ethereal. Dan Luscombe holds the tiller well to produce songs with a smooth confidence. All song messages are clear and matched with sympathetic passionate and syrupy song craft. The lyrics trust the musicianship. It’s chilling the way the guitars brush against you like a ghost passing you in the dark. This is a complete album perfect to match with whatever mood you deem appropriate.

Whilst all of the Trademark BES markers are present (vocals mixed miles ahead of any other texture and Hawaiian guitars), there is also a nod to Continental flavour touching on the themes. Apart from the musical content the lyrics are the true winners here: “I don’t dance anymore” is a standout for anyone who loves their partner but just cant dance with them in public (thank God I’m not the only one whose felt this before!!). “Lovers or the Loved” is also a title worthy of self-contemplation. The variety on this album is large yet it would all translate easily into their live set.

Yet again we are all still none the wiser as to why this band isn’t part of Australian music royalty. Get into it people!!!

Words by John A

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