“We are the righteous surfers on the high waves of consciousness, manifesting truth, love and light into the format of a WAV file.”

Formed in 2008 as a grind core/funk/dance/ experimental band, now and ever-evolving sound, H*O*T*T* is the birth of Cybersurf Punk, a mixture of Punk, Grind, Hip-hop/Trip-Hop, House and Funk.

New single, “A*R*M* (A Rare Meme)” was recorded in Bong Squad 3000 Production’s Studio, produced by DJ BottomFeeder.

“We dug deep in the bowels of cyberspace and discovered a rare meme. The sound of a person escaping from their paranoid delusions and anxiety.” 

For Fans Of: Bones | Xavier Wulf | Chris Travis | Yung Lean | Denzel Curry | Exsorthious 

“A*R*M* (A Rare Meme)” by H*O*T*T* will be released 15th of September 2017.

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