Album Review:   Plastic Barricades- Mechanics of Life

 Plastic Barricades


Plastic Barricades- Mechanics of Life album review.

 Remember that kid at school who dressed a little odd and you never really paid attention to them? Like most of us did you find out too late that they were one of the people you would have benefitted from knowing? Well here’s Plastic Barricades!!!

This Indy guitar trio from the UK will deceive you. Just because they don’t look precocious, nor generic, nor uber cool, nor slutty, does not mean they are not smart. Actually, they look like a bunch of guys backpacking through North Queensland  in a Wicked camper but this is all just part of the counter pop cunning plan because the music does the speaking and does it well.

These guys are thinkers and they can play. They’ve been making music and albums whilst touring for nearly a decade but it looks like they’ve got Australia on the radar so we’re getting the new offerings to tempt us. There is feel in the very bones of this indie guitar /bass/ drums trio but there’s also an element of fun. It may take a few sweeps to get into this only because its not like anything we’ve heard (…..neat huh?). The songs are energetic and have more twists than a Chuck Palahniuk novel. “Voices” and “Mastermind” border on modern prog rock (but without the organ solos and wizards costumes) “Be the Change” is Breezy and passionate and “How Goldfish Grow” will probably be the track playing in the car when the cops pull you over for speeding.  This album is perfect for festival goers and baby boomers alike.


Grab a copy – it’s worth the effort.


Words by John Anon



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