Album Review: Sarah McLeod ‘Rocky’s Diner’

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Sarah McLeod album review – Rocky’s Diner


Well here’s a surprise, thanks for coming back to us Sarah!! This new offering of song came upon her during a self imposed exile in New York so she must have had something in mind to go there and scratch it all out. This appears more a collection of great songs than an album with a theme, even though the album name comes from a restaurant she frequented in Little Italy, one could be forgiven for thinking there is a comparison to Rocky Horror Picture show because there is a rock’n’roll melody theme pushing through along with that which we would have expected of Sarah in the past. Most songs are rock driven but all in all and it’s a big turn around from Sarah’s Atomic Bikini project.  Rocky’s Diner is well produced and they’re radio friendly tracks.


“Rockys Reprise” is a remarkable opening track in that its not what you would expect- more Rocky Horror than Rocky’s diner ( this is a good thing). It’s a new directions in flavour for our undersold Oz rock princess. Whilst older humans would recognise this track as being litigously similar to Santo and Johnny’s “Sleep Walk” from 1959 (have a listen and tell me I’m wrong), we could also get some insight into Sarah’s thinking as an artist: Have you ever been on holidays somewhere and there’s one damn song that wont leave your head? She was alone and she felt something so she wrote it all down. This is what artists DO…. so get over it! Theres real melancholy in this track highlighting a passion within her vocals that stares out into the darkness of hope. Please can someone put this into a movie soundtrack?? Why hasn’t she shown us she can write songs with this much scope and passion before? Naughty Sarah!! ”Bad Valentine” is another great rock-a-rola vamp and “No one wants to be the first to say goodbye” is another surprise with that “Grease” feel of hoop skirts swooshing around while the girls dance with the boys.


The remainder of tracks are the chicken and egg: was Sarah Superjesus? Or was Superjesus Sarah? It’s stadium rock Sarah all the way (Apart from “Northern Lights” – which is a little bit country blend). This album gets the thumbs up because theres reinvention blended in among the signature stuff.


PS: Great to see Mick Skelton back on the drums.

Words By John Anon.

Catch Sarah on tour later this year. For tour dates and info check out Sarah’s website


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