News: Blink 182’s Mark Hoppus Joins WA Rockers In The Studio As They Unveil A New Band Name

the faim

After initial recording sessions earlier in the year, working alongside Pete WentzTravis Barker, producer John Feldmann and more, Perth rockers Small Town Heroes have unveiled a new name.

Now known as The Faim, the band returned to Feldmann’s LA studio this month to continue working on exciting new material, and they’ve already co-written a new song with Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus and Twenty One PilotsJosh Dun.

“It was inspiring to work with such iconic musicians who we have looked up to for so long,” The Faim said of the collaboration. “Both guys were super warm and we ended up writing a really powerful song that we can’t wait for everyone to hear.”

The Faim also secured a writing session with 5 Seconds Of Summer’s Aston Irwin, adding to the impressive list.

As one of Australia’s hardest working bands, the past year has been massive for The Faim, who have been tirelessly working on new songs, and now they have a name to match their transformation as musicians and individuals.

“Our sound has evolved immensely over the past year of writing and the passion to keep moving forward is something we’ve always focused on,” they said.

“The word FAIM means Hunger and we felt it truly represents our ever growing and undying passion for music. We all feel like we were born for this and we know within ourselves it was the right thing to do.”

It’s bold move, but one that further cements the exciting road ahead.

“The journey so far us has been a wild, crazy ride but with all of the constant support and understanding we have been opened to a life we never thought was possible and we are eternally thankful for it.

“We can’t comprehend why we’ve been so lucky to have such an amazing fan base but we want to do our best to make you guys proud. We feel so blessed to have such the support of such amazing people because without your passion and motivation it would have been an even tougher journey.”

Earlier this year they flew to LA and co-wrote with a star-studded list of industry heavyweights while recording with Feldmann. After a brief stint back home, they’re now back with Feldmann pumping out more material as fans eagerly await a taste of the band’s new sound.

The Faim have everything I ever look for in a new band,” Feldmann said. “They grew up together and are all super passionate and hardworking. They are amazing musicians and songwriters in their own right and are so easy to get along with. I’ve had the best time making this album and I can’t wait for the world to hear it!”

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