Red Deer Festival Interview Series: Mayhem for Mary

BMayhem for Mary
The Red Deer Festival is just around the corner and with such an epic line up we grabbed some of the artists to have a bit of a chat about all things music, and why you must see them at Red Deer. Consider it an inside look at what to expect from this fantastic festival and what you want to highlight.
So slap on your best Irish accent the boys from Mayhem for Mary are about to teach you a thing or two about Drop Bears and Tinder.
Any success on convincing Paddys that Drop Bears exist? How do you warn people about the dangers of Drop Bears?

Well, contrary to what most Australians believe, drop bears do actually exist (Gasp). This is a direct quote from the Australian museum official website:

  • Standard Common Name

    Drop Bear


    Around the size of a leopard or very large dog with coarse orange fur with some darker mottled patterning (as seen in most Koalas). It is a heavily built animal with powerful forearms for climbing and holding on to prey. It lacks canines, using broad powerful premolars as biting tools instead.

    Size range

    120kg, 130cm long, 90 cm at the shoulder

  • We usually warn our Irish friends that the drop bear avoidance tips they will get about putting forks in their hair or putting vegemite behind the ears are most likely a piss take, and point both them and sceptical Aussies to for real verified facts on drop bears. Seriously, check it out. And stay safe out there kids.
Who is Mary and what kind of Mayhem have you created in her name? 
Unfortunately we are not ready to reveal the identity of Mary just yet, but she is probably not who you think… We have some clues to her identity in our songs, and we think that once our debut EP is released early next year some keen listener will figure it out. The Mayhem, well that’s made up of the many musical genres and ideas that make up our songs. Our overall sound pretty diverse, colourful, and at times hectic. The music is definitely the Mayhem.
What can festival goers expect from your set at Red Deer Festival? Why should they come see you?
Riffs, breakdowns, some strange time signatures, some very straight 4/4 danceable beats, costumes, dancers, no no electric guitar, some tones you will never have heard from a bass guitar and most of all a very fun time. We promise, if you are new to Mayhem For Mary, then you have never heard anything quite like this before. Those early birds who get to the front of the stage at 1.30pm are in for an experience they won’t forget in a hurry.
What is the worst experience you’ve had playing Tinder games with other people’s phones?
There are bad experiences on Tinder? We have actually had one brilliant tinder experience, when we found an actor for the lead role in our ‘Ze Empire’ music video. A friend of ours went on a few tinder dates with Brosquito, the man with arguably the best Tinder profile in existence. Within 2 minutes of meeting Brosquito, and one look at his hilarious tinder profile we had asked him to star in our video. if you have seen the video, I think you’ll agree he was perfect for the role.
Brosquito looks like a dead set legend and you can check out his awesome starring video role here.  Make sure to catch Mayhem for Mary at the Red Deer Festival.
mayhem for mary

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