Everybody is unique, every skin has its marks, every mind has a choice to grow again.” 

‘Skins’, the fresh new single from Melbourne based artist, SELKI, is about letting go of old layers and having the courage to change, move forward and celebrate your authentic individuality. 

“I was in Paris, waiting for the ambulance to arrive.” 

In the first few moments after being hit by a bus, SELKI decided to make a commitment to live authentically and cultivate her passions. A few weeks after being released from hospital, she began to work with Paris based producer, Loici Devat. Unable to play any instruments due to broken bones, the musical direction went to electronic. 

“Each of these songs is a mirror for the three months that followed and changed forever my creative direction. Once you have been surrounded by monitors and the possibilities of production, it’s hard to go back.” 

 It has just taken over a year to find her home back in Melbourne and come full circle. 

 “I have changed so much and tried and taken off so many skins. It feels good to let these songs make their way into the bigger world. They have been my little orbs of light during an explosive sixteen months.” 

 Since 2014 and the beginning of the project, SELKI was voted in the top 4 of the first Melbourne Music Bank Competition, has had her songs played on radio on multiple stations in Australia and Europe, with gigs over the last few years throughout Melbourne, along the east coast of Australia and in Paris, London and Rome. 

Accompanying the new single, is a video collaboration with Fitzroy based Videographer Rhys Newling and Byron Bay artist and photographer Carla Bell. 

“24 hours later we rustled up a Black Magic Camera, 100 Balloons, a bunch of outfits, glitter, bubbles and about 3 hours of room hire at the old Convent to create something together.” 

The result is a music video filled with colour, moves and style. 

For Fans Of: Ellie Goulding | Sia | Lorde

“Skins” by SELKI is available in digital stores now.

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