Album Review: The Darkness ‘ Pinewood Smile’



The Darkness- Pinewood Smile

Actually there are no reasons NOT to buy this album. They are back, they are shinier, and they are better than you  – and you love them for it!!!!! No one dresses like them no one sounds like them and no one is as loved as them!! That’s because nobody else is The Darkness.

So theres no surprises that The Darness’ new album “Pinewood Smile” will be fun. We need them now more then ever to distract us from our everyday and so that maybe one day when they open the time capsule fom 2017 there wont be a Beiber song sitting inside the damn thing.

This album shines like a Melboune Cup winner, if you cant get into it then you’re in a coma!!

Opening Track: “All the pretty girls” is a little punkier than usual but it sets itself up nicely with a platform for the crescendo of beloved guitar solos and right where they all should be. This song takes the complete piss out of everyone including the band themselves. The production is a little focused on the 80s styles which is cool, but the sonics are all just as we want them.

Justin Hawkins is still in Olympic vocal form, brother Dan is harder than granite as usual with his anvil fisted rhythm guitar, and Frankie Poullain still drives the bass harder than an Formula One driver. New drummer Rufus Taylor (son of Roger Taylor of Queen) completes the dream team. Rufus is no slouch and earns his place in the band. The Darkness in this lineup are a natural fit, its like your Mum and Dad getting back together….. for the right reasons.

Buccaneers of Hispanolia” is a little Adam Ant-ish but classic Darkness, “Solid Gold” is the hugest fun, it actually pisses on music industry executives too -so extra points there, “Southern Trains” is a little heavier then usual, but  “Japanes Prisoner of Love” is the most remarkable song – ok it’s a bit very much Queen, but we’ll overlook this, maybe it’s a pisstake of Rufus’ old man? It’s a magnificently constructed song anyway so fuck what I say, but really… it sounds like the missing track from anything up to “A day at the Races”. You have got to hear it – its amazing!!!

Hey look, from here on in its all rock rock rock, but no one can say they were expecting Leonard Cohen tracks were they?  This album is a party, just buy it ASAP!!

Words by John A



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