Interview: Weesp


Weesp is an electronic/alternative rock band from Minsk, Belarus, that has formed its own unique style. Since 2008 the band received numerous publications worldwide and has given many concerts, including festivals in Belarus, Russia and Poland. They’re currently on tour in Europe playing throughout Germany and Poland. We caught up with bass player Mi for a quick chat about music.

For fans outside of Europe, tell us a few words about your music?
Hey, this is Mi, i play bass guitar for Weesp and will answer your questions today.
Weesp is a 5-piece band from Belarus. This country is located in eastern europe between Poland and Ukraine and is known as the last dictatorship in europe. We started to play as Weesp in 2009 when we have released our second EP album “Taste of Steel”. I can describe the Weesp music as progressive atmospheric alternative metal with lot of analog synth and clean vocals.
  What inspired you to add synths on your second EP “Taste of Steel”?
You know, our lead singer Lex drinks…and buys stuff on ebay as he becomes drunk. So one day he bought an old school synthesizer Korg EMX-1 and decided to add synth parts right in the end of recording and of taste of steel. We were skeptical at first as we were classical guitar rock band back there, but then we liked an idea and decided to add fifth member who will be responsible for synth part. This guy was Stak – my twin brother, who plays with us till then.
How is your sound evolving?
We grow from album to album, developing our own style. You can see the whole evolution if you’ll listen through all of our discography from ep2008vol1 and Taste of Steel to The Void and to the latest stuff which can be found on our Youtube channel. One thing was never changed – the sincerity and energy that we always try to give to fans. Our music becomes darker, more serious and rough, it also becomes more progressive and complicated. We also evolve a bit in terms of sound quality on our recordings and show quality at our gigs.
What can fans expect from one of your shows?
We sound loud! Weesp is known for our live shows. Always electric, always powerful, always sincere. People often say that it is really different. Our goal is to touch to the heart of the people who came to our show.
What music influences you the most?
I like different kind of music – from pop and electronics to modern extreme metal. All of it influences me a lot. If speaking about main influences for Weesp – it’s definitely such bands as Tool, Neurosis, Nine Inch Nail, Black Sabbath, Deftones and stuff like that.
Do you have any pre- gig rituals to get you ready to go on stage?
Yes, we have few. The main is we hug each other and hold hands. Some enchanting speech works too.
What about pre-gig superstitions? Any things that you do that prepare you for
the gig that you simply must do?
We try not to drink alcohol or use anything else before the shows. Also we always do a small stretching and warming up before going on stage as if we don’t – everything hurts the next day and we can’t be good on stage the next day.
What is your favourite bar to drink at in your home town?
We live in Minsk and it has to many bars. We choose the bar which will be our place and meet there during next 6-8 month. Then we change it to the next one. Few bars in Minsk even have our photo on their wall of fame (because we spend there a lot, haha).
What is the most unusual experience you’ve ever had on stage?
Here is the story. Lex loves to climb on stuff that stand on the scene. It might be amplifiers, drums, loudspeakers and etc. The most wild and funny climbing was when we were playing our solo a show in Zyrardow (the void tour 2016 in Poland). We played in a club where audience can watch the show from 2 floors. And I don’t know why but on one of our songs Lex decided to climb to the 2nd floor straight from the scene using amplifiers for it. That was awesome. The funniest thing was that then he didn’t even have an idea how to get off from there. Finally he made it while listening to a snare roll like in a circus.

It was Mi from Weesp. Stay true to yourself and to what you believe in!

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