News:Jonny Taylor new album ‘Dig Deep’ out November 17; new single ‘Better Day’ out now


Caught in the whirlwind, it seems like only yesterday that West Australian based singer songwriter Jonny Taylor signed his first record deal with label Red Rebel Music. In fact for new album Dig Deep it has been two months of intense planning in support of its November 17 release date that is now almost upon us. To thank his loyal supporters over the years, a unique album promotion is currently on offer with all pre-sale purchases giving one lucky punter the chance to win three nights away with flights included to Jonny’s hometown of Dumbleyung, with Jonny as your host!

Described as a fortuitous mix of Pearl Jam and Keith Urban, Taylor fuses rocky riffs and poignant lyrics with clever melodies. Dig Deep has been four years in the making since Jonny’s debut album Something to Say landed in the ARIA  charts in 2013. An emotionally charged musician who doesn’t set out to sound like anybody in particular, Jonny lets his love of grunge and rock music fuse seamlessly with
his passion for a meaningful story.

Taylor says it took time to accept his position in the music scene, exploring how an artist could sit on the fringe of many genres, to focus on his roots and create a record that made him proud. “I spent a couple of years wondering how I can tailor my sounds to fit in one spot or another. I was scared of falling in a void between genres. Karen Waters (head of Red Rebel Music) heard the album, rang me up and said “Mate, this is a great album!” It was exciting to have a label hear my work and understand who I am as an artist.  I’ve finally worked up the courage to just do what comes naturally and make a record that blends all my influences, without necessarily being influenced by any one particular thing.”

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