News: Aeora ‘NEED YOU’ Single Drops


Aeora has been building a reputation in the realm of experimental electronic pop through previous releases ‘Boss-y’ and ‘Fenceline’. In her latest single ‘Need You’Aeora further strengthens her powerful howling vocals and continues to explore dark and moody production. 

Co-written with 
LANKS and produced by Haxx, ‘Need You’ is a song about “reflecting on a relationship – the doubts, the love and the pain. It’s about reflecting upon my own idea of being independent and still needing someone else, and telling myself that it’s okay” – Aeora Struck by Aeora‘s empowering vocals LANKS comments: Her voice is so emotional and evocative, and as the song developed her voice continues to be such a powerful anchoring point that the rest of the production so perfectly sits around” 

This year has seen 
Aeora release 3 singles which received praise from online tastemakers and Australian community radio; 2 showcases impressing crowds at Canadian Music Week and performances alongside Flower Drums, Evangeline, SAATSUMA and Vincent Sole. 2018 will see Aeora continuing to hone her craft in production, song-writing and live performances.


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