27 Listicles Series: Swaati

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As part of the 27 Listicles series we’re asking our fave musicians to tell us about their fave musicians. This week UK sensation Swaati share her ultimate listicle of essential bands.

Swaati – who has a sound described as a fusion of electronic, commercial and French House. She has been compared to Lykke Li, Grimes and London Grammar, with her haunting and emotive vocals.

Swaati started making music professionally in 2012 and has been since recognised for her talent by Major outlets such as; BBC Asian Network radio, Times India newspaper, BBC Radio 1 and BBC Introducing. She has performed acoustically, live in session with Yasser at BBC Asian Network and continues to be championed by the BBC for her talent and eclectic sound.


My fave bands by Swaati


  1. Gorillaz – I love how experimental they are and how they cross over all genres.
  2. London Grammar – They have been one of my biggest influences of all time, I resonate with the ambience they create through their sounds and the stories told through the lyrics.
  3. Queen – My classic favourite! Queen had such a real sound, and great vision. Timeless music!
  4. Amy Winehouse – She has to have one of the greatest vocalist of all time. She was extremely influential and moving through her songs.
  5. MIA – She is nothing less than unique and original, she breaks all the boundaries but with class.

Swaati’s latest single ‘ On Fire’ is out now








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