Live Review: Sarah McLeoud

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Sarah McLeoud
The Curtin Band room
Wed November 29

The pint- sized rock Goddess Sarah McLeoud was in full form, loose relaxed and happy at her solo gig at The Curtin band room. Mick Skelton was absent from the drum kit, giving Sarah a chance to relax and have some fun.
For the second half of the tour Sarah has been performing solo, working with a looser set list and giving herself space to have fun. For those dedicated fans lucky enough to see her recently at Sookie Lounge in Belgrave, the comparison between shows is noticeable. Tonight, she is happy to banter with the audience, tell charming stories, sip from an enormous glass of red wine and the show is more interactive. Shit, she’ll even wait for you to go get a beer so you don’t miss a moment of her set.

Sticking to a similar set list, with ‘ Hurricane’ ‘ Bad Valentine’ and her sexy slowed down version of ‘ House of the Rising Sun’ , Sarah also manages to throw in a few surprises with classics ‘ Be My Baby’ and ‘ Slippin’ Away’ which she makes her own.

Undeniably one of the most down to earth, and humble stars in the music industry Sarah is loveable, charming and sweet. And oh yeah, this chick can play. She’s a monster on the guitar and her skill alone is enough to hold the show, and her custom guitar creates a bigger sound.

Playing for an almost three hours there is not a moment where the show falls flat. She keeps the momentum going the entire time and its fun to watch her having fun.

Finally wrapping up just before midnight Sarah steps off the stage, and just like spending the night with a lover it has been a satisfying, enjoyable and a fun evening. If anyone had let her, the audience could have been here all night and none of us would have minded – she is that good to watch.

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