Live Review: Tash Sultana

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Tash Sultana
Margaret Court Arena
December 14

It was a night for making history. A night when Margaret Court Arena would sell out to a bigger audience than the venue has ever had. It was the night Tash Sultana came to play music and to tell the haters to fuck off.

Opening the evening were the always energetic Pierce Brothers, the duo nothing short of entertaining with their loud drumming, sensational guitar playing and all round likability. If anyone in the venue came not knowing who these two are, they are certain to leave with a new appreciation of the band. No matter if they are busking or on stage with the biggest audience they have played, Pierce Brothers give it their all each and every performance. Adding a harmonica and didgeridoo to their bow of instruments, the twins just keep getting better.

Playing for a solid twenty or so minutes before she utters a word Tash Sultana is here to silence the homophobic noise that has echoed around Margaret Court arena this past year. Not being one to call people ‘ dick heads’ unless they do something stupid she points out, Tash wastes no time in informing anyone if they are homophobic, transphobic, or racist they need to get the fuck out of her gig.

After the announcement its time to get down to some playing, and this girl can play it all as she glides effortlessly between instruments. The former busker proving that necessity is the mother of invention as she blows on a set of pan pipes. The guitar her main instrument delays as she plays other instruments to accompany the sound.

The magic of Tash is that she does all of this alone. There are no session musicians to fill in the blanks and no drum kit. At times it would be better to have a drum kit to produce a more authentic sound, however this would comprise the spell binding show that is Tash. It gives her a sense of awe and wonder that this kick ass chick does it all on her own and is able to control each and every note.

For those who have never witnessed a Tash Sultana show its certainly one to see. She can mesmerise a stadium full of people, have them in the palm of her hand and under her spell. Its a rare gift to give people – to allow them a window into your very soul and take them on a journey. This is a place to forget your pain, outside troubles and to just live in the moment. This is Tash Sultana.

Words and images by Amanda Lee Starkey


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