News: Ratking drop new single and video for ‘Gotta Light?


On the precipice of releasing their next EP SERF, Perth’s Ratking have just put forward blistering new single Gotta Light?, accompanied by a video which may contain vocalist Josh Reeves munching down a durry or two…Complete with powerful riffs and the acidic, reverb-laden howls of Reeves, Gotta Light? is delivered with a gargantuan sonic weight by producer Matthew Templeman (Make Them SufferStatuesVoyager).

Since day one, Ratking have worked tirelessly. Their debut release, 2013’s Wastelander was an introduction free of ambiguity. Pummelling at any tempo, the EP carved out a unique foxhole from which the band have been attacking ever since.

Growing in skill and confidence, the band released their debut album Commonwealth the following year – earning them rave reviews and dedicated fans worldwide. But if Commonwealth was a testament to what they could achieve, the forthcoming SERF is a jaw-dropping insight into just how exceptional this band is becoming.

While hardcore is undoubtedly a universal language, Ratking’s dialect is distinctly Australian. Amidst the relentlessness of their music is a laid-back charm that comes from a life lived by the beach. Unbeknownst to fans, Ratking have been readying themselves to tour the US early 2018 and SERF is the harrowing siren that heralds the impending invasion.

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