2017 saw Brisbane swamp rock kings Junior Danger unleash their blues brothers esc thumper ‘Dirt and Grime’ upon the world to rave reviews; The perfect partnership of blues and stoner rock that countless fans of heavy tunes have been hanging out for” Tonedeaf, “The stompy march of the bass kick and murky, fuzz-laden hooks are tied together by deep, enchanting vocal work” The Music, I’ll be forever damned if this three-piece doesn’t nail it each and every time” AAA Backstage. Launching into 2018 with their signature stoner rock swag and 11 catchy AF tracks, the three-piece deliver their self-titled debut album JUNIOR DANGER.

Recorded at Brisbane’s Airlock Studios, engineered and produced by none other than Konstantin Kersting (The Belligerents) the album is laden with dirty ass riffs, grimey fuzz and bass lines fatter than yo mamma. “We went into the studio to challenge ourselves to produce a full album of music we can be proud of rather than just a Single or EP, now we can’t wait to do the next oneJunior Danger

Saturday February 3rd New Globe Theatre Brisbane *Album Launch*
w/ Elko Fields, The Desert Sea, Wakan Phoenix
Free Entry
Friday February 16th Last Chance Rock & Roll Bar Melbourne
w/ Two Headed Dog, The Desert Sea, A Basket Of Mammoths
$10 Door Entry
Sunday February 18th Frankie’s Pizza By The Slice Sydney
w/ Two Headed Dog, The Desert Sea, A Basket Of Mammoths
Free Entry

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