Fiery four-piece Rackett have announced they’ll be off on their largest tour to date with a mammoth 18 dates across New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and South Australia through February, March and April.

New South Wales dates in the tour were organized with the support of AHA NSW as part of their Rockin’ The Puburbs competition.

To celebrate the huge step forward Rackett have released their new single Alive; a bouncing, existential banger undercut by buzzing synth and running bass.

Alive is a truly existential track tackling themes of material mortality and the infinitelyevolving attention of popular culture; all wrapped in the infection, hard hitting pop-rock Rackett has refined to a point!

“Alive is about the material reincarnation of oneself. Alive celebrates the life and death cycle of an adopted trend and empowers you to re-decide your identity and to let go of the past,” said vocalist and guitarist Rebecca Callander.

Alive was truly an independent effort for the band, the track written, recorded and produced by Rackett at Forces & Fury Studios owned by drummer Astrid Holz and vocalist, guitarist Kat Ayala.

“When deciding what recording process would best serve this song and the band’s overall sound, we realized that we had all the skills and resources to record and produce this entirely ourselves. Of course, we had our doubts in the beginning but we pushed forward and created what we feel is our best record so far,” said Ayala.

Alive is the fifth single from Rackett following on from the rocking success from singles Prey, Ready or Not, BATS and Your Son.

The NSW stretch of the national tour is put together in partnership with AHA NSW as part of their Rockin’ The Puburbs competition, which the four-piece dominated late last year.

“Working with AHA NSW through Rockin’ The Puburbs is giving us the opportunity to play in venues and reach audiences that we couldn’t have on our own. Pubs like the Captain Cook Hotel, Dicey Riley’s and O’Donoughues are where so many Aussie’sfirst experience live music and we’re so excited for them to experience us,” said Rackett.

“Callander puts down her guitar after a few songs and jumps down into the crowd to dance with us, reaching out to hold hands and scratch heads and go a little wild, and it’s honestly the great thing ever.”
Carly Packer, The Music

“Noise is their number one trade and they’re very, very good at it.
Greg Moskovitch, Tone Deaf


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