News: The Dollar Bill Murrays are hot dog chomping, bowling alley gladiators in their latest music video “Dancing with Death


Fuelled by a love for wild nights out, hard hitting rock, and pints of their very own locally brewed malt liquor, Brisbane’s The Dollar Bill Murrays are following up their acclaimed sophomore EP with the playfully overdriven single “Dancing with Death” and a January east coast tour.

The first release since their ‘Always On’ EP in April 2017, The Dollar Bill Murrays are tapping into their more peculiar after-dark experiences for the new infectiously-groovy single “Dancing With Death” – produced by Brock Weston (Bugs) at Bedlam Studios and mastered by Tyson Ruth at Studio Truth.

There’s touches of cowbell, cheeky counter licks, and more than enough crashing cymbals and furious strumming to have late-night revellers bouncing along to the after-dark rock gem. Written about those seemingly innocuous nights that pan out completely differently to how they began, the track is a gritty dance-rock number that encourages all to ignore their daytime sensibilities.

Sounds Like: Arctic Monkeys, Queens of The Stone Age, Death From Above 1979, Franz Ferdinand

The track’s comical music video sees the four-piece head to their local alley for a quiet couple of games, but they accidentally strike up a fierce battle when an attendant sends them to the lane reserved by the extremely territorial Marge ‘n her hostile crew. Filmed in the style of a arcade game, one-by-one the band must defeat Marge in a variety of challenges to earn their right to bowl in peace.

“It’s a battle for the ages… or at least for the Aspley 10 Pin Bowl – we find ourselves locked into bitter territorial combat when we step on the wrong toes at our favourite alley. Nights were made to make mistakes, but with everything on the line these ten frames and reheated hot dogs could be our last,” says the band.

Do your dusty eyeballs a favour and take a look here at the new vid

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