Album Review: Animal Ventura ‘ Forrest St’


With his debut album Forrest St. , Fernando Aragones, better known by his stage name Animal Ventura has  created a funky feel-good album which seduces your body to move right away.

Growing up in Brazil playing punk rock and reggae Aragones decided to step out of his familiar surroundings and his comfort zone and to move to the other side of the world. Hi finally settled in Sydney 12 years ago, where he encountered an eclectic music scene, what allowed Aragones to discover his unique style that swings between Funk, Soul, Reggae, Country and Folk.

Forrest St. opens with the melancholy but laid-back, Reggae themed “No Gravity” with a combination of a relaxed horn section and a playful organ Animal Ventura carries you to a sunset after a long day at the beach.

” Animal”   relates the idea that human beings are no different from any other animals with the idea of making a complicated relationship work out. The catchy song comes in the guise of a funky 70’s song which sets you in the mood for a classy pool party with your favorite drink in your hand.

With the tracks “Lights on”  and ” Same As” Animal Ventura adds two beautiful folkish Country songs to the playlist. Both of them get along with an acoustic guitar supported by slide guitar for a slight change of pace.

On “Lights on” sees a  duet with singer Laura Sitt. Coming closer to the end the song builds itself up with a gentle horn section and glowing panpipes and is a mellow number, the perfect track to showcase Ventura’s voice, simple yet clear in its delivery.

Although saying that he primarily writes songs in English, Aragones Brazilian roots appear in ” Slave Of Love (Do It Twice)” and “Domingo” , where he smoothly changes between English and Portuguese, which provides the songs with a Latin touch.

With its surfy relaxed feel and chilled vibe, Forrest St. is an album for enthusiasts of soul and funk music, fans of acoustic folk songs and people who simply like to dance. Make sure you give the album a listen laying in the sun with your eyes closed.

Words by Tim Fischer

Do your earholes a favour and listen here:





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