Independent musician Carus Thompson has taken aim at toxic talent shows in his latest single Starved Myself Pretty; a track about the damaging and manipulative nature at the heart of some of our countries most watched entertainment.

To celebrate the release of Starved Myself Pretty, Carus will set out across the country for play songs from his lauded album ‘Island’ for the third and final time before breaking to write album seven.

Punters will be able to catch Carus Thompson in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Fremantle, Margaret River and Adelaide through March and April.

Starved Myself Pretty is a sharp, succinct and emotive comment on toxic televised talent shows; the anti-thesis of the commercial, mainstream, corporate and exploitative approach that reality music shows abuse.

“These shows take advantage of vulnerable people; people who don’t understand what fame is, they just want it. Music is about loving songs and loving what you do. If you do that, then the fame bit will take care of itself,” said Thompson.

Most kids that end up on these shows will get chewed up and spat out, half the time because that’ll suit the prepared narrative of the show. It’s not a competition, it’s exploitative reality television bullshit and I can’t stand it.”

For Thompson, music is a sacred art that should be treated with care beyond the shallow, heartless efforts of commercial television.

Music and performance is a special, pure, beautiful thing and I can’t wait for these shows to run their course, die in the arse and have people come back to real gigs,”

Keep that in mind, Thompson will set out on a national tour with no tricks, no backing, just one man, a guitar and his songs.

Globe trotting troubadour Carus Thompson has done it the hard way.

Independent, with no commercial radio play, self-managed and funded he’s toured the world alongside The John Butler Trio, The Waifs, Xavier Rudd, Jack Johnson & Pete Murray, selling over 30,000 albums along the way.

He’s won his loyal fan base through 20 years of hitting the road, one punter, one gig, one tour at a time, always delivering passionate, energetic, folk-rocking shows that entertain and engage.

“A wonderful return from Australia’s answer to Bruce Springsteen”
FORTE Magazine

“This is quality songwriting”
Jeff Jenkins, Living in the Land of OZ


Thursday, March 8
Django Bar, Sydney, NSW

Friday, March 16
Wesley Anne, Melbourne, VIC

Sunday, March 18
Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane, QLD

Thursday, March 29
Clancys, Fremantle, VIC

Sunday, April 1
The River, Margaret River

Friday, April 20
The Wheatsheaf, Adelaide, SA

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