News: Dutch producer Saux kicks off 2018 with new disco inspired single, Lukewarm (Only You)


Amsterdam native Saux gears up to release his new EP with the infinitely warm, late night pop jam Lukewarm (Only You). After showing us his many faces throughout the last few years, the 24-year old producer seems to have settled on a winning formula: smooth, steamy production awash with disco inspired guitar chops and layered vocals.

The song is built up from two simple components: tight vocal runs and a loose guitar groove, which run together to create something reminiscent of a modern sounding Womack & Womack. It’s inspired by music from all sorts of places taking as much note from Bob Blank as Francis & The Lights, as much Paul Simon as Young Fathers.

Thematically, the Right EP touches on themes of contrast between existing in chaos and finding peace, as well as discovering ‘minor flaws and major victoriesʼ.

“Itʼs about what it feels like trying to play the right parts in life, relinquishing control, and then finding an ‘internalʼ world where you feel safe. In this case, together with someone.”

The Story So Far

Saux is a 24-year old producer / singer from Amsterdam. His warm  left-field pop combines the sound of contemporary pop and tropical  music with the sound of 80ʼs disco, flanged guitars and LinnDrums.  With his layered vocal style and abstract lyrics heʼs starting to find a  sound of his own, and thatʼs gained him support from names such as  Complex, Clash, FACT Mag, BBC1Xtra and Majestic Casual.

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