Enigmatic and esoteric Melbourne producer Ok Sure unleashes debut album Pleomorphism.

The unveiling of her eleven-track body of work follows latest single ‘Sorry ft. Tanzer’. Capitalizing on negative space and introducing her otherworldly vocals, Ok Sure makes light work of coaxing inner demons out to dance. Masterful in her execution, Ok Sure juxtaposes heavy industrial sonic elements with delicate lyrics dripping in vulnerability.

Initially, forthcoming full length Pleomorphism was envisioned as an ‘EP’ the original eight cuts shape shifting and evolving into the final eleven that make up the track list today. The album’s namesake a fitting omen as Ok Sure explains “Pleomorphism is the ability of some micro-organisms to alter their shape or size in response to environmental conditions”.  Created almost exclusively in her bedroom, recorded and mixed  by herself, the talented DIY producer has collated an eclectic mix of  tracks spanning pulsating techno, deep house and electronica. She draws on a deep well of personal experience to propel the record’s sonic journey and documents a brief but significant poly relationship, and the subsequent fallout. On Pleomorphism the talented Melbourne producer returns to her original flare – a kinetic combination of dark, moody and melodic music designed for dance floors.



“Beautifully dark stuff”
Richard Kingsmill – triple j 

“Ok Sure utilises her knack for sampling to create dark, pulsating, brooding electronica and to dive into her personal experiences”
– Red Bull 

“There is an attractive moodiness to much of Ok Sure’s output”
– Nest HQ
 Ok Sure is not one for pigeonholing.”
– Pilerats

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