27 Listicle Series: ALMOND SOY


One of the surest signs it’s summer in Perth is the wave of brilliant new music that emanates from the city every year. A perfect case in point is Social Misfit, the debut EP from indie five-piece Almond Soy. Undulating through varying moods and tempos, Social Misfit shows off the multi-dimensional talent of the band. New single I Could Be The One is a beat-driven and swaying affair; awash in an ocean of synth and reverb.

Ahead of their single launch we caught up with the band to suss out their top five albums of all time.

1. Portamento – The Drums (fave track Days)

This album constantly gets played when we are hanging out, it has stayed on our lead singer’s (Brandon) iPod since he first heard it in 2011. At the end of most nights out, Daysmakes it way onto a playlist, it’s a perfect 4am listen. It holds a close place to the heart of the band especially during our formation. If you have made it down to a live show you may have noticed we give it a bit of a cover.

2. Buds – Surf Curse (fave track Freaks)

The Lo-Fi surf rock two-piece outfit has been a recent addition to the Almond Soy playlist in the past year or so. The poetic and honest lyricism is very honest and heart felt. The energy and feeling behind Freaks really makes it feel at home. The drum sound on the floor tom/ride drives the whole song whilst the lyrics take you on a wave of emotion.

3. Dark Red – Shlohmo (fave track Ten Days of Falling)
Dark Red was an album that made us appreciate electronic art/music. Spencer our synth player listened to it for ten days straight on tour. Ten Days of Falling leans towards a ballad compared to Shlohmo’s other work, but it has an intense yet melancholic feel. It has a strong sense of atmospheric layering and we really vibe the production of the song.

4. Making Movies – Dire Straits (fave track Romeo and Juliet)

Making Movies was a album which was consistently played at the Stockbridge household, the song writing and guitar playing of Mark Knopfler still gets regularly spun on our vinyl player. Romeo and Juliet is heart felt and warm. It definitely ticks all the boxes to be a soundtrack for a head over heels romance.

5. Dude Ranch – Blink 182 (fave track Josie)

This was a coming of age album for most of the boys in the band. Full of angsty tunes which got smashed in the van over the summer. Josie is completely nostalgic and filled with energy, it reminds us of our first teen love.

 ‘Social Misfit’ EP out now feat. I Could Be The One and Happy Ever After

I Could Be The One Single Launch
Saturday February 17 – Mojos Bar, Fremantle
w/ Demon Days, Bald Beagle, Matt Sevier (fb event)

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