27 Listicle Series: Blue Child Collective

Fronted by Dan White, an enthusiastic collaborator, multi-instrumentalist and fingerstyle artisan, Blue Child Collective are a fluid groove n’ roots outfit based in and out of Margaret River.
Ahead of his National tour we caught up with Blue Child Collective to discuss his top five Independent Aussie Acts 
Top 5 Independent Aussie Acts with Blue Child Collective

Band Of Frequencies (QLD/NSW)
Best band in Oz in my opinion. Solid groove based psych-funk-reggae which takes you to another place. The boys (line-up originally born from 90s band Afro Dizzi Act) have been writing and touring the country for years, and are huge contributors to the protection of our oceans, having worked extensively with cats like Dave Rastavich (The Transparentsea Voyage Movie), and most recently ex Tracks Mag editor Phil Jarratt on the soundtrack for the historical surf documentary Men Of Wood & Foam. Band of frothers for those who froth!

Dave Mann & Bec Schofield AKA The Nomadics (WA)
Two of WA’s finest songwriters, you’ll catch these guys chugging along at 80k’s down a desert road in their big blue house truck with 3 kids hanging out the window, or singing their song “Peace Pirates” at you from their house boat – legends. For lovers of folk, roots, beautiful harmonies and a touch of country, these are two of the most underrated, unheard gems of Aussie music.

Caravana Sun (NSW)
Hardest working band in Oz that I know – these guys seem to always be on tour. First met them in a small Austrian town 4 years ago on one of their mad EU tours, I fell in love with their get-up-and-dance party vibe which I’d liken to a Cat Empire show, but with the most beautiful sweeping interludes. Big supporters of Sea Shepherd, these guys are a band to watch.

Michael Triscari (WA)
Mad surfer and freediver based between the South West and Exmouth in remote NW Oz, this legend writes more tunes than anyone I know. Another artist big on ocean awareness, Tricky’s cruisey brand of folk-roots always reminds me of home and the simplicity of life. Down to earth and always good for a laugh on and offstage, I’m hanging for the next time we catch him live and what’s to come off the back of his latest couple of tracks out last month.

Swamp Stompers (NSW)
Three of the funnest foot-stomping fellas you’ll find, the Stompers will make your face melt and limbs shake uncontrollably – guaranteed good times. Saw them in Newcastle recently when our tour dates matched up and enjoyed watching Luke (Bass) get lost in the crowd, behind the bar, down the street…

Make sure to check out Blue Child Collective on tour.

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