27 Listicle Series: Jack’s Band



After playing just about every pub in Sydney within their first few months of existence last year, Jack’s Band are pleased to announce the arrival of their debut EP ‘Time To Change‘.

We caught up with Rohan to talk about his bear envy and the five top beards he rates as being the best.

Top 5 musicians with impressive facial hair with Jack’s Band

I tragically never inherited the fabled ‘beard gene’ from my parents. Never shall I experience the pleasure of feeling a thick mound of fuzz bursting forth from my child-like face . In honour of this travesty, i’m listing my top 5 musicians with impressive facial hair.” -Rohan (Jack’s Band)
Father John Misty’s Beard
Josh Tillman has one of the most impressive beards around right now. It’s like a tiny sloth is clinging to his face. If I could grow a beard like his I’d be a happy man.
Rivers Cuomo’s Moustache from The Red Album
Not only is Rivers brave enough to rock this epic moustache, he’s also dressed up as a cowboy. Yee-haw.
Jeff Lynne
Jeff Lynne’s beard isn’t that impressive, but the combo with his noodle-y hair make him a worthy addition to the top 5. Chuck a few meatballs on top and you could call him a pasta.
Late 60’s Beatles
Like many late 60s/early 70s artists, The Beatles forgot what a razor was. If you lined up all their sideburns I’m sure they’d stretch to the moon and back.
ZZ Top

Not gonna stop, ’til i’m at the ZZ Top
Put their heads on a stick, that’s a ZZ Mop”
Make sure to catch the beardless Rohan and his band at their up and coming EP Launch


Jack’s Band ‘Time To Change’ EP Launch

Friday February 23 @ The Record Crate, Glebe
w/ Vacant Shade, Chloe Kay & The Crusade
(fb event)



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