Reichelt is an Australian solo artist, producer & multi-instrumentalist. He’s been writing, recording and performing fiercely original songs for over 15 years. Described as ‘quirky, eclectic and emotive’ Reichelt’s music tugs at the heart, with hand-crafted arrangements and addictive melodies. 

 The new record Seduced by the Light Side was produced by Luke Reicheltand Guy Cooper at Serotonin Studios on the Gold Coast. Featuring the angelic vocals of Sammy Griffin, keyboards and other instruments by Ian Peres, drums from Jeff Paton and a host of Reichelt’s other musical collaborators.

Seduced by the Light Side is the first single off the album of the same name. The track tells of a tale of the reluctance to do the right thing. Featuring big choruses and chilled out verses, it’s sure to get stuck in your head. 

 “I put the album together over about a year. I’d record everything the best I could playing all the instruments and then call amazing friends in to replace bits and help me develop it.”
– Luke Reichelt

 The album features a range of sounds and styles, the golden thread being a story told of self exploration.

Reichelt’s work consistently articulates complex feelings effortlessly and with lyrical wit. Hopeful and in despair, each album is a mixed bag of lollies. His career has taken him around Australia and Japan and won international song writing awards.

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