27 Listicle Series: Dollar Bill Murrays


IMAGE - TDBM Credit_ Cindy Yohana
Fuelled by a love for wild nights out, hard hitting rock, and pints of their very own locally brewed malt liquor, Brisbane’s The Dollar Bill Murrays are following up their acclaimed sophomore EP with the playfully overdriven single “Dancing with Death” The EP also saw the first collaboration with Brisbane boutique label Valley Heat Records, who co-released the EP with a limited-run of hand-numbered cassette tapes.
We caught up with the Dollar Bill Murray’s to find out what they’d buy with an actual Dollar Bill.. 
 A $1 cheeseburger – the peak of culinary creativity and the fact that you can order 10 burgers from $10 is just a downright great feeling. Not that we’ve done that or anything…
An actual US dollar bill since, we don’t have them in Australia. That said, with exchange rates we might only get like 93% of US$1. Fingers crossed for free shipping….
Some new cryptocurrency, and then cash out in 3 years when it’s worth $15000 a coin. Maybe we can start our own and call it DBMCOIN, would you buy?
An Op-shop CD – when we were in Sydney for the tour we came across a 10CD set of ‘200 Train Songs’. We’re not sure what mood you get into to listen only to locomotive themed songs, but if that isn’t the end goal of your life, you’re probably doing it wrong.
A spin on Street Fighter. Ken’s got your back for sure.
A 5-sided die to figure out which of the other things to buy.
Watch the new hilarious video here:

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