27 Listicle Series: Ruby Boots

ruby bootsAt 14 years old, Ruby Boots—real name Bex Chilcott— left a conflicted home in Perth to do grueling work on pearling boats and she hasn’t stopped migrating since, traversing the wide-open landscapes of her homeland and exploring the most remote and wondrous corners of Europe and North America.
We caught up with Ruby to find out her ultimate listicle of Nashville artists.
I’m picking Nashville artists because that is currently my home town, hope that is okay?!
Tristen-  is one of my all time favorite songwriters in this town, I had seen her play keys for Jenny Lewis at the Ryan Adams show in Sydney a couple of years back and loved her voice then, when I moved to Nashville I started digging into to her albums and fell hard. Tristen writes very thought provoking and poetic lyrics that I love pouring over, “Glass Jar” off her new album Sneakers Waves is a perfect example of that, she combines them with super classy hooks which is a perfect balance to me. 
Lily Hiatt – I remember listening to “Trinity Lane”, the title track off Lily’s 2017 album and it took me right back to when I moved to this town, I was incidentally living off Trinity Lane when I landed in Nashville and wished so badly that I had written that song myself. Lily speaks to the rock n roll crossed with twang part of me and she nails effortlessly nails it, she’s a music hero of mine, even if she doesn’t know it, in this very vibrant town full of out if this world songwriters. 
Nicole Atkins – Nicole speaks straight to my love of 60’s girl group heart, and she totally has the voice to carry it off and them some. I find a kindred spirit in the lyrics on her new album “Goodnight Rhonda Lee” as she goes to some of the darkest experiences she’s had driven from an unhealthy relationship with substance but rises through the flames in overcoming and turning life around so it works in her favour, a warrior and a survivor. The production alone is so warm and well done it’s worth listening to it alone just for that warm wrap around me feeling. 
 Becca Mancari – Becca just released her new album “Good Woman”, she released it independently here and not to take away from how amazing the album is, witnessing artists over here working day and night to get their music out to the world without a full team and financial backing is about as badass as it gets for me, it takes a lot of guts and the old blood, sweat and tears adage. As for the album, this is another album with a lot to say, another album that is well worth digging into. I am always looking at artists who are putting a fresh spin on a genre and Becca does that across the nine songs with killer soundscapes, grooves and pop elements. 
Nikki Lane – Nikki might be one of my closest friends here, but I can say if I didn’t know her, I would still be saying “give me Nikki Lane on my record player every day of the week”. I think Outlaw Country can easily be revived by a modern day artist, but where Nikki wins for me is that she owns Outlaw Country but she owns it as Nikki Lane, she does it her way and that takes talent, originality and authenticity, all of which she exudes. Boss Lady. 

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