News: ARDENCY Release New Single ‘Bad Moon’ (via. Majestic Casual Records)


Majestic Casual Records presents the ‘Bad Moon’ single release from US indie-electronic duo Ardency. Taken from the forthcoming EP, ‘The Ones That Miss Me’, it shows the latest iteration of the project – more refined than ever before.

Ardency is the collaborative effort of Christian Gomez and Daniel Noguera, two LA transplants by way of Fort Lauderdale. Brought together by a mutual love for analog gear, poignant melodies, and Fleetwood Mac, the two have created an affecting, slow-rolling space.

The duo have already started to receive recognition for their musical endeavors, earning the front cover of Spotify’s 800k follower ’New Indie Mix’, as well as previous single ‘I Saw The End’ amassing over 1.6 million streams and being featured in Spotify’s ‘Best Of Ultimate Indie 2017’ playlist.

Ardency’s forthcoming EP, ‘The Ones That Miss Me’ is a sincere representation of their background and inspiration as artists; vintage synth-work, heartfelt musicality, and unique sound design. The EP showcases a collection of five dreamful pieces. It is at times intense, and at others quietly sentimental.

The newest offering from the duo comes in the form of the ‘Bad Moon’ single, which offers a foray in to the world of Ardency; opening gently, with a laidback, meandering bassline and a pensive monologue that floats above an unsettling calmness.

“‘Bad Moon’ is the last song we wrote for the EP, and it’s written about the varying emotional phases within prolonged sadness. Most directly, it speaks about finding the kind of person, or thing, that forces comfort back into your life — finding happiness after a rather dark time and letting that happiness consume you.” – Ardency

‘Bad Moon’ is out on February 7th via Majestic Casual Records.


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