27 Listicle Series: Lycanthrope


Lycanthrope’s debut full-length album, Chapters will see it’s release this Friday February 16 – and they are heading out on the road straight way. New single from the record, Skin & Bones, dropped last week and hype has been building for the Newcastle sextet.

We caught up with the bands three guitarists Scotty, Brett and Aidan to find out their Top Five Fave Guitarists of all time.

Tom Searle (Architects)(RIP) – Revolutionary writing and playing style that I personally think is still untouched. Also had a huge influence on my writing for Chapters.

Dimebag Darrel (Pantera)(RIP) – Absolute shredlord and the sole reason I picked up a guitar in the first place. Still one of the greatest guitarists to live and reinvented heavy metal with Pantera.

Dallas Green (City and Colour) – Pretty much changed the way I played, viewed and wrote acoustic songs. Brought a whole new dimension plus sings perfectly whilst doing so.

Will Putney (Fit For An Autopsy) – Brought a whole new dynamic in writing deathcore that was fresh and untouched. Still think it’s some of the most beautifully epic and heavy writing ever.

Willie Adler / Mark Morton (lamb of god) – Some of the first stuff I learnt in heavy metal and still some of my favourites to jam. Also old school LoG influences a lot of my writing.

Will Adler from Lamb Of God –  I grew up trying to learn lamb of God songs and realizing how much of a freak guitarist he is.

Ben Bruce from Asking Alexandria – he’s influenced by old school rock and roll and brings that into his metal riffs and I love that.

Matt Heafy from Trivium – able to shred on guitar while having a sick voice and some of the riffs and lead melodies he’s written for trivium inspired alot of my riffs for the Chapters album.

James Hetfield from Metallica – Metallica were the first heavy band I ever heard and influenced alot of my early songwriting.

Jeff Ling from Parkway Drive – anybody who can write riffs like that is a legend.

Tim Henson – Polyphia cause he’s a freak and love his play style

Mikko Lindström – HIM due to HIM being favourite band and always loving the way Linde took the songs.

Daron Malakian – System Of A Down loving how huge one guitarist can make a band and his play styles

Mick Thompson – Slipknot being the first metal band to get into and loving his stage presence and how he plays

Stevie Ray Vaughan – possibly the best blues guitarist ever and the soul he puts into his guitar playing


Lycanthrope are on tour soon to, make sure to check them out.


Friday 16th February – The Beachcomber Hotel, Toukley
with We May Fall, Eviscerate the Crown, Prophecies, Path of Victory & Sanfred
Friday 23rd February – Enigma, Adelaide
with Fortune from Tragedy, Palisade, Plaguefield
Saturday 24th February – The Basement, Canberra
with Lions of the underground (headline), Path of Victory, Black Mountain, Reign of Terror, Cockbelch, Terravorous, Eviscerate the Crown & more
Friday 2nd March – Small Ballroom, Newcastle
with We May Fall, Below Oceans, Final Form, Take my Soul
Saturday 10th March – The Backroom, Brisbane
with Sensaii, Serene, Eviscerate the Crown & I, the Divide
Saturday 17th March, Wrangler, Melbourne
with As Paradise Falls, We May Fall, caution:thieves & Steadfast

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