27 Listicles Series: Weak13


In case you haven’t heard of them WEAK13 are a British band based in the Blackcountry and originally founded in 1999 by Nick J.Townsend in Kidderminster, United Kingdom. Before 2010 numerous musicians played live in WEAK13.

Having just released an epic new music video for the single ‘ Loyal Coward’ we caught up with Nick J Townsend for a chat about his Top Five Bands to watch out for.

1. The Humdrum Express He’s championed by BBC Radio’s Steve Lamacq for good reason. The Humdrum Express aka singer songwriter Ian Passey is a master of satire and wit with a unique style that overshadows most mainstream artists. I get inspired every time I hear his work and he’s always raising his game.

2. Rebecca Downes I grew up listening to a lot of great blues songs by incredible musicians and it’s been a while since I heard anything as moving. The song “Basement Of My Heart” by Rebecca Downes first got my attention; her natural ability to reach into your soul is unbelievable. She’s a magnificent performer.

3. Warlord UK A lot of bands make thrash or death metal but there are only a few that really impress me. WEAK13 once supported Warlord UK for an intimate show and I was hooked. It takes real skill to make extreme music work and Warlord UK nail it. If you’re going to make heavy music then you do it like Warlord UK.

4. The Rocket Dolls I love three piece bands and The Rocket Dolls are one of my favourites; full on rock songs reminiscent of some of the best music that came out of the early 90s. The guitar riffs are always memorable; brilliant hooks; you don’t see many bands with this much style. Nikki Smash is an excellent frontman.

5. Buzzard I find it comical hearing modern bands claiming to be inspired by Motörhead when they totally ignored Lemmy whilst he was alive. One band who truly is rock n roll in my opinion and who has similar musical spirit is Buzzard. They are still in their infancy but they have what it takes.


Wrap your eyeholes around the video here

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