News: Dutch producer Saux explores his most authentic sound in RIGHT EP, a modern blending of disco, funk and pop inspirations.


Amsterdam native Saux releases his new RIGHT EP along with last single Trying To Remember. After showing us his many faces throughout the last few years, the 24-year old producer seems to have settled on a winning formula: smooth, steamy production awash with disco inspired guitar chops and layered vocals.

A sense of warmth, abstract lyrics, vocal runs, chorus-y guitars and relatively off drums runs the entirety of Right EP. The 4-track traverses a number of styles, starting off with nu-disco inspired ‘Lukewarm (Only You)’, easing off into slow jam ‘Trying To Rememberʼ, and then upping the energy with dancehall and African pop inspired ‘Hip To Thatʼ before ending on ‘break-outʼ track LIWY.

Sauxʼs Right EP is his first shot at truly finding his own sound- an exploration of combining different sounds and blending them into something new, from Dev Hynesʼ guitars to Arthur Russelʼs drums, Frank Oceanʼs less is more approach to Kojo Fundsʼ rhythms.

The EP title – a reference to Paul Simonʼs Something So Right, also helps to sum up the EP lyrics and themes: the contrast between physical and emotional distance, chaos and rest and the contrast between doing very well and starting to doubt again.

“Itʼs about what it feels like trying to play the right parts in life, relinquishing control, and then finding an ‘internalʼ world where you feel safe. In this case, together with someone.”


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