Melbourne Pop Punk legends Loose End are today dropping their brand new filmclip for single ‘Without a Trace’! The video transports the viewer to a wedding where something just isn’t right – the bride doesn’t seem to have eyes for the groom, but instead, the singer of the Wedding band – is there – was there – something there between them?

‘Without a Trace’ will see it’s release on Wednesday February 14 on Spotify and iTunes.

The band released their debut EP in September last year, recorded by Roman Koester from The Red Shore and Thy Art Is Murder.They celebrated its release with a damn-near sold out headline show at the Reverence Hotel and playing their largest show ever at a sold out Wrangler Studios. Loose End are currently writing their sophomore release – to be recorded with Chris Vernon from Belle Haven.

Ben Smalley, vocalist for the band, is more than keen to get this new track and video out. “After waiting over a year, multiple line up changes, setback after setback, we are beyond excited to finally release Without A Trace!”

The idea for the track came along in early 2016 and we recorded in September that year. “The track was recorded, mixed and mastered by the incredibly talented Roman Koester. For some reason the hook without a trace just seemed to stick with me. I really loved the ring it had to it. I’m not sure where it came from but it definitely wasn’t from my mum being an Anthony LaPaglia fan.”


The idea to have a wedding clip has been bouncing around since the studio. Originally it was going to be a lot more serious, but when the band teamed up with Zach from Hoodwolf Productions, it was his idea for the Wedding Singer influence idea. Ben said “On the day of filming we had around 25 extras on set all dressing in 80’s gear having a party, it was a pretty bizarre moment. Everything that Zach did with the video just blew away all our expectations. We couldn’t be happier with how the video turned out.”

With half the band from rural Victoria and the other half from the inner suburbs of Melbourne, Loose End are for fans of Trophy Eyes, WSTR, Moose Blood and Comeback Kid. Loose End is a fresh sound for your ears – the outfit blend pop punk sounds with some heavier elements and pop vocals to create something inventive and more than fun for the listener.

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