News: JEREMY NEALE Shares new clip for ‘Video’ Album tour this March Announces Adelaide show

jeremy neale

Jeremy Neale has today premiered a new clip for ‘Video‘ via The Music. The track comes from his acclaimed debut album Getting The Team Back Together out now via Dot Dash / Remote Control. Catch Jeremy launch the album on his national tour this March with a new Adelaide date just added! Full tour details and ticket links below.

Jeremy described the clip to The Music: “Outside of astral projection – the most accessible way to get a break from the day-to-day grind is to go for a drive or watch TV. Through the magic of special effects and access to a boutique range of vehicles (Thanks, T-Rax!) we have managed to combine the two.”

This is likely to be Jeremy’s only tour in 2018 as he will travel to New York City for 3 months in 2018 to focus on songwriting as the recipient of the prestigious Grant McLennan Fellowship.

His debut LP, released last November, is a collection of tracks assembled during a period of self-analysis – a record of unassailable power pop that documents growth, love and the eternal pursuit of happiness. Getting The Team Back Together touches on all manner of concepts surrounding identity and self-care. Whether it’s building confidence in social situations without the aid of alcohol in ‘Small Talk’, putting the needs of others above your own in ‘Video’, or facing up to the fact that one’s battle with mental illness could be a lifelong struggle in ‘All My Life’, Jeremy has stripped himself down to his most vulnerable state.

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