Live Review: Robbie Williams

robbie williams (16 of 34)

Ladies and Gentlemen Robbie Williams has arrived. Please be upstanding for the National Anthem:

God Bless out Robbie,
He is King of Song
He can swing like a bastard
and rock all night long.

Yes he went to rehab
Drugs and drink took him low
But would still make RUDEBOX
and give rap a go.

But when all is considered
He still rules the throne

God Bless our Robbie
He can swing both ways
He is totally Global
Except in US of A

One Day he will be knighted
And his work will be done

He’ll stand proud and fearless
His face forever young
God bless our Robbie

And that is how you make an entrance, to a self proclaiming National anthem to the tune of God Save the Queen. Humility is not his strong point, and why should it be? With over 75 Million record sales and a stellar career, the lad from Stoke-on- Trent is no wallflower.

Entering the stage like its a boxing arena, a regal red and silver robe draped over him Robbie is here to entertain, and entertain he will, aptly opening with ‘ Let me Entertain You’ Robbie is cheekily dressed in a kilt and singlet, perfect for the occasional crotch flash at the audience, living up to his bad boy reputation every second.

With expert dancers and flashing his mega-watt grin Robbie is always the consummate professional, working through his hits. He manages to squeeze in a few covers including George Michael’s ‘ Freedom 90’.  For a  moment we see a little vulnerability when Robbie talks about his children before mounting a revolving boxing glove for ‘ Love my Life’.

Taking a moment to give a nod to his former boy band life Robbie launches into ‘ Never Forget’ the only time he makes mention of his music beginnings and the only Take That song he momentarily sings at the end of ‘ Come Undone’ a rare treat for fans.

Inviting his Dad, Pete Conway on stage to sing a cover of ‘ Sweet Caroline’, Robbie and his Dad are right at home singing on a couch, side by side. Robbie is clearly proud of his Dad and the love between the two apparent and touching.

Saving the best for last with ‘ Feel’ and ‘ Rock DJ’  its been an evening of fun and the love Robbie has for Australian audiences is apparent. He knows how to win us over and get the whole crowd singing. With a four song encore of ‘ Better Man’, ‘ Angels’, the Men at Work cover ‘ Down Under’ he exits the stage in an  A Capella version of ‘ My Way’ that leads into a short melody of his hits, the audience singing a long after he has left the stage.

The thing that brings audiences back time after time is Robbie’s ability to make every single person in the room feel like he is singing just for them. He is charismatic, endearing, fun and always cheeky. He is the guy that you can hang out at the pub with and probably will end up in a pub fight with at 3 am, laughing the whole time.

Words and images by Amanda Lee Starkey


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