27 Listicle Series: Rusty Shipp


Rusty Shipp is a  Nautical Rock’n’Roll band that got its start in Nashville, TN in 2014. Characterized by its dark, underwater sound, unconventional riffs, and haunting vocals, the music is a perfect fusion of grunge and surf rock; though it is most memorable for the Beatlesque chord progressions and vocal melodies at the core of every song.   Their goal is to “Make thought-provoking music that is as interesting and catchy as the rock legends.”

We caught up with the rock legends to find out the musicians they love.

Top 5 Fave Musicians (and why)

For me, I don’t really care about how well someone can play their instrument as much as I care about songwriting. Johann Sebastian Bach was the greatest organ player on the planet in his day, but for hundreds of years it’s his songwriting that has lived on and continues to touch people every single day all across the world. That’s where the real power lies. So my Top Five Fave Musicians are mainly revolving around the art of songwriting rather than musicianship.

1. The Beatles: the greatest creators of music that the world has ever seen. Better than Led Zeppelin, Michael Jackson, John Williams, Beethoven, anyone. Most bands will never have even one hit, let alone a hit that will be remembered ten years later. The Beatles have at least fifty great songs that are still being listened to and performed more than fifty years later. Their explosive, eclectic creativity is unmatched in history.

2. Thrice: Being very inspired by The Beatles’ melodic superiority and eclectic musical styles they have translated that into heavy rock music that revolves around heavy, cutting-edge guitar riffs and philosophical, poetic, impactful lyrics that are among the best in rock history.
3. dc Talk: When most bands stick to a pop format of verse chorus verse chorus bridge chorus and keep it under four minutes, dc Talk made would spend three years on an album making every song a master piece with innovative chord progressions and packing as much catchy melody into the song’s atmosphere as possible. As well as having two of the greatest singers ever, Kevin Max and Michael Tait, like the Beatles they pushed the envelope into making creative, catchy songs unlike anything I’ve heard and that still blows away most bands twenty years later.
4. Muse: Like Thrice, Muse is a perfect fusion of bizarre, but catchy, chord progressions and heavy-hitting, peculiar guitar riffs that is intriguing through and through. The music is so catchy, so interesting, so mysterious and provocative in the lyrics. Just a fun great band in so many ways. I’ve thought so many times, this has to be the best band on the planet right now.
5. Johann Sebastian Bach: Johann Sebastian Bach is not my personal favorite classical composer, that’d probably be Tchaikovsky (for the same reasons I like The Beatles and dc Talk and Muse), but JS Bach is an inspiration to me daily of what the pinnacle of being a creator of music can look like. One biography I read said that he had “the most organized mind in history,” putting out somewhere between one and two thousand masterpiece compositions. He was just a musical factory that pumped out as much music as he possibly could, from the time he was a child to his very last breath, literally, when he died while writing music. It’s fascinating because the last piece of music he was writing just stops suddenly, because he died. And now for hundreds of years his music lives on and blesses people every day in every continent. That’s the greatest thing I could ever hope for my own life and legacy.

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