Album Review: “Bootikins” – Augie March 

augie march


Four years since their last album release, but worth the wait, Augie March present their sixth studio album, “Bootikins” through Caroline Australia, which will be released on February 23rd. The album is full of energy and is a truly diverse compilation of fiery melodies, idiosyncrasies and psychedelia. We’d expect nothing less from the indie pop-rockers. Prepare to go on a wild adventure as you listen to this unique collection of tracks.


The Australian band start the album off with, “Fake Jive”, equipped with synth chills, rhythmic acoustic guitar, edgy vocals, fierce electric guitar, and smooth harmonies. The epical nature of the song and its complex lyrics mirrors what is yet to come.


“Mephistopheles Perverted” is the second track on the album. Its compelling and refreshing introduction, slightly gothic in nature, includes a grungy electric guitar and symphonic synth riffs which is played numerous times throughout the song. It envelopes the lyrics and expressive vocal styles of Glenn Richards. The song as a whole displays an eerie, mysterious disposition with its transition between sharp and smooth rhythms and tonal and harmonic variations.


The title track of the album, “Bootikins”, was said to have been influenced by a late reading of the Albert Camus play, “Caligula”, noted on the artist’s website. It is abundant in rhythmic diversions, theatrical piano trills, melodic interchanges and raspy vocals and harmonies. Richards’ dramatic lyrics are devastating as he quotes Camus, in that it is the essence of life that one will die and not be happy. It’s lyrics like these that make Augie March the eccentric and astoundingly imaginative band they are.

The long anticipated album, “Bootikins”, will have you triumphantly rocking your head back and forth, swaying to the velvety vocals and rhythms and occasionally just outright sobbing. A fairly accurate depiction of the hurdles that life throws at you. Augie March will take you on a sentimental, spontaneous and euphoric journey.

Words by Kat Tame


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