After he dubbed us all ‘Kings and Queens,’ and he shared with us his stash of ‘Aunty Tracey’s Cookies,’today Joyride has returned from his secret lair to take us on a sonic trip with his latest single, ‘Blue Batmans.’

How best to describe ‘Blue Batmans’…

It’s a ballad… But it’s also got ‘intro to a ’90s US network family sit com’ vibes… And it’s of course a not-so-subtle reference to a particularly notorious brand of party munchables.

However you want to define it, what’s undeniable hearing ‘Blue Batmans’ is that it fills you with a pure sense of joy, and once again lends itself to being a completely unique and yet totally perfect vehicle for Joyride to showcase his stunning, baritone voice.

What’s also noteworthy about it is that the song features a star-studded, ensemble cast of Australian musical talent. Alongside Joyride’s inimitable voice shining bright, the song was produced and co-written by Holy Holy’s Oscar Dawson, features co-songwriting credits with Kingswood’s Alex Laska, and has a guest appearance on backing vocals from none-other than Ali Barter.

Joyride says about the song, “I was there when the Rabbitohs won in 2014. I lived on Redfern Street at the time, and after the game we got the train back from Homebush and thousands of people were celebrating on the street. There was nothing the cops could do but redirect traffic.

“I’ll never forget that feeling of shared euphoria, of pure happiness and honest joy where all the ills of the world disappeared for a moment in time and everything felt simple.

“I also thought I would never feel it again. But imagine if you could feel like that forever? That’s the dream being detailed in this song, lyrically and sonically. And while they say that explaining your dreams is boring to everyone but you, challenging that idea is easy when you have help from three of the most intimidatingly talented musicians in the country in the form of Oscar, Alex and Ali.

“Up the Bunnies.”

The last 12 months have been a whirlwind for the big man. After getting the ball rolling with his anti-establishment anthem ‘Kings and Queens,’ he found big success with the release of the Hermitude-produced funk jam ‘Aunty Tracey’s Cookies.’

The song would go on to land the #1 spot on the triple j Hottest 100… three times! Meaning that it of course came in at #111 on the Hottest 200. That, alongside of love from the likes of FBIMusic FeedsPedestrianPileratsThe MusicMusic Network and Stoney Roads, all contributed to seeing the former Meeting Tree member and current One Day Crew alumnus, cement himself as a solo artist in his own right.

Multiple east coast tours and a barnstorming appearance at Big Sound have all prepped 2018 to be the biggest year of Joyride’s career, and ‘Blue Batmans’ to be the song that elevates him to the next level.

‘Blue Batmans’ is now the latest single from Joyride’s forthcoming debut album Sunrise Chaser, which is scheduled for release later in 2018 via Dew Process / UMA.

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